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Pinocchio, you naughty elf

You sure know how to

Get yourself in trouble

Don’t let people puppet you, c'mon, now

Let’s Skedaddle on the double


Oh, no, yer lettin’ ‘em crack the whip   

Oh, no, and yer gettin’ used to it

P’noke, ya know that Good Geppetto   

Made his boy for somethin’

More than this -Think!


Who ya gonna be when yer dancin’ with me

And the music really swings?

Who ya gonna be when you’re loose and free

And nobody is pullin’ your strings?

I say go Pinocchio, Go!


Big temptations and addictions

Reel ya in & now you think ya need ‘em

Listen to this little cricket

Pleasure Island really isn’t freedom


Oh, no, yer craving is all in vain

Oh, no, yer building a ball n’ chain

Stop and learn yer lesson                

If ya change yer mind

You’ll change yer destiny - Think!


Who ya gonna be when the treasure map

Leads ya to yer inner joy?

Who ya gonna be when no pleasure trap

Can make a jackass outta this boy?

I say go Pinocchio - Go!


Yer lost at sea and swallowed up

What can we do at times like these but

Just pray?  Every living son and daughter

Takes this journey underwater someday


Oh, no, don’t ya lose hope my boy

Oh, no, yer Geppetto’s pride and joy

Be of good cheer, he’s here ta love ya

Even in the belly of the whale - Think!

Who ya gonna be when you strike a match

And look into each other’s face?

Who ya gonna be when the fires catch 

And you both sail clean outta this place?

I say go, Go, Go Pinocchio Go!



My lady said, get outta bed

And shine your light all day long

'Cause that’s the stuff that you’re made of

So darlin' start right where you are

Healing your heart with a song

Rally in the valley and rise above



C'mon and Sing, dance, praise and love

Rally in the valley and rise above


I wanna shake myself awake

And learn to love all day long

'Cause that’s the stuff that we’re made of

So let's keep on keepin' on

It's always dark before dawn

Rally in the valley and rise above



Sing in the valley

Dance in the valley

Praise in the valley

Rally in the valley and rise


I knew a boy in a box

He thought of Love instead of locks

All at once he stepped thru

If he can do it, we can do it too



This is our wake up call, this is our open door

This is our moment now

That we’ve been hopin’ for    

This is our destiny, this is our brand new day

This is our innocence that never went away


Are we ready to roll?  Well, all right!

Nothin’ raises yer confidence like

Rising up from the dead

And walking thru walls!


It’s hard to see eye to eye

Half asleep and afraid to die 

But what seems real in the night

Is gone the second we turn on the light 


This is our Wake Up Call!


Who has set this lovely table

Who has led this traveler home 

Through the shadows of the valley

To this place of joy and song?



We will stand up and be counted

We have lived to tell the tale

With the poets and the children

Who believe Love never fails


With each one of us set free

We raise everybody up

Each heart will be an overflowing cup

Oh, come beloved, come!


Holy this glorious story

Holy this wonderful day

Holy this miracle here in me

Feeling this Healing Love



I joyfully accept God’s desire

For my happiness now


You ask “Who am I?”  Sit with the mystery

Our God makes no mistakes 

And our God made you and me

Pray for ears to hear and the eyes to see

Take off your sandals, behold the Holy flame

The truth is burning bright

In the deep We are the Same

I Am That I Am, One Spirit One Name


I Am That I Am

And we shall see the sons and the

Daughters of man dance free


And we shall see it now, this very hour

Claim our Name,

And feel the power of kindness

Behold, the power of kindness


Come close, beloved,

Lay down your sword and breathe

Only the eyes of Love

Can bring hatred to its knees

Angels shout with joy the moment we see

I Am That I Am

And we shall see

The lion lay down with the lamb in Peace    




Gotta stop this melodrama    

I’m outta breath.  I can’t live fully if I’m

Scared half to death,

I finally sat and admitted that

My life’s a mess, I’ve been

Too busy holding on to my

Unworthiness, so I


Went to see a PhD, he served me well

He rearranged the furniture

In my prison cell, but

Who really knows the way, my friend 

To get me outta my head

Sometimes I suffer, but

Sometimes instead

I remember what Ram Dass said



Be here now

More and more compassionate

Give your heart

To the One who fashioned it 

Oh, Love knows the way

So let’s get on with it

Watch the drama unfold

But don’t get caught in it

We’ve got a front row seat

To the greatest show on earth

The play of the Universe

Be humble and Watch God work


Om mani padme hum


All we gotta do is to love everyone

Don’t say it’s impossible, say

Thy will be done

And when you see you’re given all you need   

It’ll dawn on you

Start serving others, ‘cause

There’s nothin’ else to do

But remember what Ram Dass said


Be here now, see us all as only one

Time and space                           

Will bow down to the Holy One

There’s nothing to fear

Inside the Heart of us, here we all are

Each one a part of us.  As we lean into

This moment’s Holy kiss

Into this timelessness

Behold, there is only bliss  


We’re all just walking each other home

Om Mani Padme hum


There is a Light when the path is hard to see

Somethin’ deep inside

That says “keep the faith and follow me”

A steady flame calls our name

Purpose n’ passion burn!

We joyfully chase this whispering grace

At each and every turn



In this Field of Possibility, This Wonderland

Where we live n’ learn

There is a spark

Deep down in the heart of us

Thunder clappin’ - “Wake Up!”

That shakes up every part of us

And so we dance, n’ open hands

Reach for the skies

Happy ‘cause we know that Love

Never, ever dies

In this Field of Possibility

This Wonderland where we all arise

We are the ones open to the tremblings

The rumbling fountainhead

Of overflowing blessings

A steady flame calls our name

Purpose n’ passion burn!

We joyfully chase this whispering grace

At each and every turn



The Love of God has blessed you

The Light of God’s all around

The Power of God protects you

God’s watching over you now

Wherever you are God is

God is watching over you now

And all is well


The Mind of God will guide you

God’s Beauty beckons like fire

God’s Spirit flows inside you

God’s Joy is lifting you higher


Wherever you are God is

God is watching over you now 

And all is well


Don’t be afraid my child

I am here now watching over you 

When you awake you’ll smile

I am here now

Watching over you

All is well


In the dream I am feelin’ my way thru the dark

I reach out and I touch nothin’ there

Can’t see what’s ahead, or the lifetimes I’ve led

Yet somethin’ I trust in the air 

Opens a hallway, a place where I always

Know how to follow my heart

All at once – she’s  there! 

An answered prayer,

The girl on Grand Boulevard

Well, I’ve lived in a desert, lived in a town

There's always somethin’ to learn

Winter to spring, seen all kinds of things

But I never saw nothin’ like her

My world up to then was destined to end

The moment she stepped in the yard

Thank God I did it, swapped it all in a minute

For the girl on Grand Boulevard

Well, the trouble she’d seen by seventeen

Could a’ driven a stake thru her heart

The blow she was dealt

And the pain that she felt

Would’ve torn most people apart

Thank God for those faithful

Invisible angels that

Cherish the creatures they guard

The elder that calls, the sparrow that falls

And the girl on Grand Boulevard


Well, some folks at the table  

May cheat if they’re able 

They’ll gamble all night for the stakes

They'll pray for the aces, put on poker faces

They'll do whatever it takes  

Ah, but she gives me all her love

Doesn’t expect me to

Carefully play every card

I don’t hedge my bets, I’m all in, no regrets

With the girl on Grand Boulevard


Well I’ve learned not to say

It’s too good to be true

‘Cause it good and it’s true and it’s grown

It still gives me thrills when

The songs of our children

Sail down the hall of our home

Let’s toast to old times

Ex-husbands n’ wives

Wish ‘em well wherever they are

But there is no other

Above my sweet lover

The girl on Grand Boulevard 

I will live every day with the lady I love

Thank God we met when we did

The thought a’ growin’ older with her

Makes me feel like a kid

And death has no glory

There’s more to the story

And maybe it won’t be so hard

Take me last, Take me first 

Whichever lessens the hurt

Of the girl on Grand Boulevard


In the dream I am feelin’

My way thru the dark

With a little more courage tonight

Go forth and say a prayer for the ages

Tell ‘em ta follow that light

To the innermost chamber

Where sooner or later

We all come to open our heart

She’ll always be there, my answered prayer,

The girl on Grand Boulevard


Listen to the sea, the swelling of the wave

Is it the crashing surf

Or the silence that you crave?

I will move a mountain for you 

What is hard will soon be soft as sand

Come and feel these waves of power

Simply trust and know I have your hand



And with each rising sun

We behold all things new

Breathe into this Love,

Let it flow in and out you


Oh, Great Mystery                         

Come wave through me today

Tell me, what will I see

When tears have washed away?

Oh, my child, see only beauty 

You’re the pearl I fashioned long ago 

Love is more than you can fathom

Realize I’ve always loved you so


Listen to the sea, the swelling of the wave

Is it the crashing surf

Or the silence that you crave?

I have moved a mountain for you 

What was hard is now as soft as sand

You can do these things and more

For I am in your heart and in your hand



Let it flow in and out you



Let’s dance together whenever we can

Let’s dance forever whenever we can

That’s it! Atta boy!

Yer beginnin’ to believe in the return of joy

Dig deep!  Plant that seed!

It’s never to early to get what you need

The return of joy!


Let’s play together whenever we can

Let’s play forever whenever we can

That’s it!  Atta girl!

Yer beginnin’ to bring that joy to the world

Dig deep! Claim yer fate!

It’s never too early to celebrate

The return of joy!

The return of joy!

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